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1233 Laparoscopic (Keyhole) spays.

19 Feb 2020

Our keyhole spays remain very popular and our highly experienced surgeons have now completed over 1233 laparoscopic spays - this means we are one of the most experienced teams in the whole of the East Midlands... Read More

Bill trains vets on the Isle of Man to keyhole spay

15 Oct 2017

Bill spent Monday and Tuesday on the Isle of Man training Ciara and Fern, vets from Strand Veterinary Practice, Port Erin, to do keyhole spays. Both vets had spent time at our practice learning the procedure and then Bill helped them start to introduce the procedure at their practice. On Monday Ciara and Fern did the first keyhole spays in the Isle of Man. Congratulations to them for introducin... Read More

Orthopaedics Ridgestop and TTA rapid at costs lower than most referral practices

05 Mar 2017

We are now able to offer some of the latest orthopaedic procedures for lame dogs at a cost well below referral practices.  The first procedure we are offering is called Ridgestop.  It is a treatment for luxating patella (Wobbly kneecap) and involves placing a permanent implant in the knee joint (stifle) of affected dogs. The other procedure is called a TTA rapid and is a treatment for... Read More

Update on charity work in Bosnia

04 Mar 2017

Bosnia – Many of you will be aware that Bill went to Sarajevo in September with the Dogs Trust to help train local vets to neuter dogs.  Click here for a full report.  Whilst he was there he noticed that the University were struggling with very old instruments and so decided to do some fund ... Read More

Staff News

02 Mar 2017

We have lots of exciting staff news since our last news post.  Emma Orton, one of our vets, gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Edward.  You will be glad... Read More

Six surgical kits for Bosnia donated by our clients

19 Jan 2017

Many of you will have seen the posts in September about Bill's trip to Bosnia with the Dogs Trust. After the trip he wanted to raise the money to buy new instruments for the training courses at Sarajevo University Vet School, training local vets to neuter dogs. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our clients six new surgical kits are on their way to Bosnia this weekend. They should make a signi... Read More

Since May 2016 we have provided 290 dog vaccines and 70 cat vaccines for Nottingham's homeless and vulnerable pet owners

21 Oct 2016

With the help of our wonderful clients we have paid for 70 cat vaccinations and 290 dog vaccinations for the Vet in the Community project. We started funding the vaccinations for this project when the initial start up grant of £10,000 ran out in May 2016 and the project was in jeopardy of being closed down. Every client who has a booster vaccination at our practice contributes to this scheme ... Read More

Bill's voluntary Dog Trust work in Bosnia

26 Sep 2016

DAY 1 Waking to the joys of a Travel Lodge breakfast at 6am, and a gloomy bus ride through the delights of the Hownslow on the A4 wasn't the greatest start to the day but terminal 2 at Heathrow has restored my faith in air travel. What an amazing place- calm, airy and contemporary in design with some decent places to eat a drink; thank you Heston. Relaxed boarding to my... Read More

Faith's amazing weight loss helped by Borrow My Doggy

30 Jul 2016

We rehomed Faith a Japanese Shiba Inu on the 20th July 2015 when she was almost 6 years old, when she arrived she weighed 12.2 kilos. We also have another Shiba called Harvey who is 2.  Harvey and Faith As well as being over weigh... Read More

Practice News

30 Jul 2016

Practice Extension Many of you will have noticed that we have been having building works at the practice for the last few months. Many thanks to Nick Berridge and his team at Smalley Construction who have done a first class job with the absolute minimum of disruption to our day to day work. It has all been remarkably trauma free although the last few things such as flooring, decoratio... Read More

Vets In The Community

10 May 2016

We are sponsoring Nottingham University's 'Vet In The Community' project.  Students from Nottingham University's Vet School attend the Big Issue offices in Nottingham on a regular basis.  The provide basic veterinary care and vaccinations for homeless people's pets.  Rushcliffe Veterinary Centre and their clients will provide all the vaccinations for the project.  The practice raised the pr... Read More

New cat and small animal only clinic

04 Mar 2016

  *Exciting news* We are trialing a new initiative to make your cats and small pets feel more at ease with us in the surgery. From the 11th March, each Friday afternoon we're going to trial a block of appointments, between 14.00 and 16.00, for cats and small animals only. This will create a calm atmosphere for your little one. Get in touch to book! 0115 9821717... Read More

97.8% positive feedback from last year's laparoscopic keyhole spays

22 Jan 2016

We have just received an average 97.8% positive feedback from last year's laparoscopic keyhole spays. We have just analysed our feedback questionnaires from last year's spays. The feedback form asked 23 different questions about 'how well we are doing'. We had a staggering 46% return with over 64% of clients 100% satisfied with our performance. Wow!... Read More

Chemeotherapy for Jess the springer spaniel

14 Jan 2016

This lovely lady is Jess, a 4 year old springer spaniel who can be seen here having her last chemotherapy session. Jess was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in February and after 10 months of treatment she is now in remission! Dogs don't get many of the side effects that people do with chemotherapy, and Jess just had to visit us 1-2 times a week for treatment, living a normal life at home the rest ... Read More

Fabulous reviews on Facebook

18 Dec 2015

We are all looking forward to 2016 and the continuing development of the practice.  We intend to be even more customer focused and provide services that continually get better and better. We have lots of ideas which we hope to introduce throughout the year. For the time being have a look at the fabulous reviews we are receiving on facebook. Read More

Training in veterinary laparoscopic ovariectomies

04 Dec 2015

The practice has now performed in excess of 500 laparoscopic ovariectomies, of which Bill Bowler has performed over 360. In addition we have performed a wide range of other laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures meaning that as a team we have a real depth of experience in these procedures. Very few practices are performing laparoscopy, and even fewer have performed this number of procedures. On... Read More

Amazing talented team of experienced veterinary surgeons

23 Nov 2015

Over the past 12 months we have been increasing our staffing levels and introducing a new Vet team. Recruitment is not an easy process but we are really excited that we have been able to bring a fantastic team of likeminded Vets to the practice. With a total of over 60 years experience between them, they have varying interests and skills which complement one another well. Our newest recr... Read More

Two myths about 'keyhole' laparoscopic spays

08 Nov 2015

Myth 1 "Not removing the uterus will lead to a pyometra in the future" Peer review research from 2006 concluded: 'No significant differences between ovariectomies (just removing the ovaries) and ovariohysterectomies (removing the ovaries and uterus) were observed for incidence of long-term urogenital problems, including endometritis/pyometra and urin... Read More

Lola and the lurcher

07 Oct 2015

Lola is 4 year old domestic short-haired cat who is rapidly running out of her 9 lives! She was attacked by a lurcher just over a week ago. Initially she seemed bright with only minor injuries, but further investigation showed that the injuries were much worse than first anticipat... Read More

Fabulous success of keyhole surgery

27 Jun 2015

The overwhelming demand for endoscopy and minimally invasive (or keyhole) surgery has created unprecedented growth in the practice.  As a result we are expanding on all fronts - we are increasing veterinary and nursing staff levels, as well as extending and refurbishing the practice.  The practice pioneered keyhole surgery in Nottingham and the surrounding area.  This year we will complete o... Read More

Video of Billy

22 Dec 2014

Dear Bill, Jeanette and all at the vet practice Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and sending much gratitude for your kind support. Because of your generosity, your Billy will know nothing but kindness and love over the holiday season. We wanted to bring you a very special update on your special bear this year - so our on-site staff set about recording each ... Read More

Community Business of the Year

05 Nov 2014

Really proud to say that we have been nominated in the Community Business of the Year category in the Rushcliffe Community Awards 2014. Congratulations to all our fantastic staff and fingers crossed for the awards presentation on 12th November... Read More

Cat leg fracture costs £1200 to repair

06 Jun 2014

Our surgeons enjoy the challenge of performing first opinion orthopaedic surgery.  A recent example occurred when a local charity (Animal Accident and Rescue Unit - AARU) brought to the surgery a rescued small kitten with a possible broken leg.  Under general anaesthetic xrays were taken to confirm the diagnosis of a fractured tibia and assess the treatment required.  An operation was perfor... Read More

Google+ Page

08 May 2014

We have recently created a Google + page on the following link Read More

Building Work

09 Feb 2014

For many years we rented out two rooms to Amcare, a medical supplies company.  They have now moved on so we are in the process of converting the two vacant rooms into an infectious disease isolation unit, and a new staff room.  The current staff room will then be converted into an endoscopy suite.  Our current operating theatre is a bit tight of space when we are doing laparoscopic work, so ... Read More

Staff Changes

09 Feb 2014

Eve Partrick passed her final exams with flying colours in September 2013 and is now a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Veterinary nursing is now a regulated profession with their own council and disciplinary committee under the umbrella of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Over the years we have had an unusually high percentage of qualified nursing staff; briefly this was 1... Read More