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Faith's amazing weight loss helped by Borrow My Doggy

30 Jul 2016

We rehomed Faith a Japanese Shiba Inu on the 20th July 2015 when she was almost 6 years old, when she arrived she weighed 12.2 kilos. We also have another Shiba called Harvey who is 2. 

Harvey and Faith
Harvey and Faith

As well as being over weight Faith was nervous around new people, traffic and dogs she didn't know, so our focus was not only on weight loss but social interaction too. 
We started Faith on a diet and daily exercise, she was obsessed with food and if we didn't keep an eye on her she would take any opportunity to steal food when we weren't looking!! Faith made steady but slow weight loss progress and then 7 months ago we joined a website called Borrow My Doggy where you can contact local people who love dogs but can't have one of their own and who want to borrow dogs to walk and look after. We have some lovely borrowers who take the Shibas on long walks at weekends and extra daytime walks in the week, this extra exercise really helped Faith will her weight loss but also her confidence with new people and surroundings 
We had a target weight loss of 3kg in the first year for Faith and she actually lost an amazing 3.1 kg 

Faith before and after her 3.1kg weight loss
Faith 12.2kg and 9.1kg

She is so much happier now, she loves to run and play and is so much more agile 

Alison and Chris