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Lola and the lurcher

07 Oct 2015

Lola recoveredLola is 4 year old domestic short-haired cat who is rapidly running out of her 9 lives! She was attacked by a lurcher just over a week ago. Initially she seemed bright with only minor injuries, but further investigation showed that the injuries were much worse than first anticipated. She had sustained a crush injury to her abdomen and once the fur was clipped away there was severe bruising to the skin. X-rays taken showed that she had a broken rib, and several large hernias (tears in the abdominal muscle wall). Surgery was performed to repair the hernias. There were 6 hernias in total, the largest of which measured 10 cm in length. Three hours later, Lola had been patched back together, and despite a rocky start to her recovery, is currently doing very well. She is having her stitches out tomorrow and is already trying to get out of the cat flap again. Let's hope she's learned her lesson and will avoid dogs in the future!



Lola' injuries
Lola's injuries