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Endoscopic & Keyhole Surgery

Give your pet the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. As the first practice in the East Midlands, and one of the first 30 nationally, we are excited to be able to offer a whole range of the very latest Endoscopic or "Keyhole" surgery and diagnostic techniques.

Using both flexible and rigid video-endoscopes, these minimally invasive surgery systems dramatically reduce the pain and trauma of surgery and offer amazingly brief recovery and convalescence times with very few post -operative complications.

The magnified high resolution digital images give the surgeon stunning visualisation allowing pinpoint accuracy of both sample taking and surgery and the opportunity to record the images for future reference.

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"Bill has been our vet for years and he or a member of his team has always been really quick to see us whenever we needed an appointment. The facilities at the practice are great including being able to do laparoscopic spays. The whole team are lovely and great at explaining things so you always feel like you understand exactly what is happening..."  client Sophie Gates.

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Techniques include:

Laparoscopic Ovariectomy or Keyhole Spay

With a 95% uptake by our clients, this is now our chosen method of neutering bitches.

The 2 day rest period makes it ideal for active or sport dogs. It can be done before the first season, if necessary and is much less painful and traumatic. With two small wounds (the largest is 1 cm long) and no external sutures there is nothing to chew! Video: Laparoscopic spay.

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Respiratory and Gastro-Intestinal Tract Examination

Including sample collection and biopsies.

Video: Retrieving a pin from the stomach of a 4 month old puppy using a flexible video endoscope. Traditonal methods would involve a major laparatomy and gastrotomy with a high risk of peritonitis.

Examination of the Outer and Middle Ear

Including non-surgical treatment of middle ear infections.

Video: - Retrieving a grass seed from the ear drum of a dog using a rigid video endoscope. This fragment would not have been visible with a traditional method.

Laparoscopic Liver Biopsy

Normally involves a major laparotomy or ultrasound guided 'blind' biopsy.

The latter has a significant risk of haemorrhage and not getting a useful sample. We are now diagnosing a whole range of new liver diseases.

Video: taking a liver biopsy.

Retained Testical Removal (Cryptorchid)

Using keyhole surgery is less painful with a 24-48 hour recovery period is now the gold standard method of removal of retained testicles.

Traditional method, generally, leaves a large untidy scar, is more painful and has a 2-3 week recovery period.

Video: Removal of a retained testicle.

Removal of a Head of Wheat from a Dog's Lung (Bronchoscopy)

Using the video endoscope we were able to find and retrieve a piece of wheat from deep down inside a dog's lung.