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Laparoscopic Keyhole Spay Testimonials

Below are some testimonials that we have received:

"Laparoscopic spay was carried out on our 18mth old Golden Retriever back in Sept 15. I had heard about this from a fellow owner, who had also had the procedure done and highly recommended it. The reduction in recovery time was astonishing, and we had no post procedure issues whatsoever. Scarring is minimal due to only tiny incision marks, and our dog did not seem to be in any noticeable discomfort afterwards."

- K Henshaw Date of Operation 1st September 2015

"I was not looking forward to having my little dog spayed but I found out about the possibility of keyhole surgery from a friend and did some research. Weighing up the pros and cons the only down side was the extra expense and distance I would need to travel as there was nowhere available locally who had the equipment and expertise to perform the procedure. However, I can honesty say I do not regret a penny of it. Apart from the fact that she had had some fur shaved for the procedure and being a little dizzy from the anaesthetic, you would not have known she'd had anything done. After 48 hours she was allowed to continue as normal and there was never any problem with licking wounds or any apparent soreness. The Rushcliffe Veterinary Centre was wonderful and I would highly recommend both the place and procedure. The tradition spay seems so barbaric in comparison and I hope in time the laparoscopic spay becomes widely available for all. "

- Nicola Sandys Date of Operation 11th December 2015

"We would like to say a huge thank you for looking after Maddie (and us!) when she had her keyhole surgery. She's doing fine!  She was back to her normal self within a couple of days.  We honestly can't recommend you enough.  You made us feel very welcome and comfortable as you knew we had lost our first dog many years ago during an operation. You assured us during every step of the way.  Thank you so much for everything."

- Mr & Mrs I Ablewhite Date of Operation 11th December 2015

"I have mini schnauzer who had a laparoscopic spay a few months ago. I chose this method because it is a keyhole spay which means a couple of small holes in the side opposed to a long cut.It took less time than a normal spay.She had 3 small single stitches which came out a few days later.THe best part of this type of operation is that she had to be kept quiet for 24 hours and was back to normal next day instead of 2-3 weeks with a normal spay. She has had no problems and I would recommend anyone having their bitch spayed to seriously consider a laparoscopic spay as the benefits far outweigh a normal spay."

- Agnes Shaw Date of operation 2nd September 2015

"I wish I had known about Laparascopic spaying a long time ago. I've always had multiple dogs (Border collies) because I've always competed with them in sheep dog trials, agility, flyball and done Search & Rescue with them among other things. I was hesitant about laparascopy because "keyhole surgery" was something I'd only heard about being done in humans. It is nowhere near as invasive as the old method that had meant a longer recuperation period and much discomfort for the bitch, the risk of stitches breaking (which had happened twice to my dogs over the years) etc. At Rushcliffes my dog was in and out within a few hours and even had something to eat when I went to fetch her. I think they were glad to see me because she was up and lively wanting to play!!!! I would highly recommend laparascopic key hole surgery, and because Rushcliffe veterinary surgery have so much experience doing it, I would recommend getting it done there. Well worth the 2 hour drive for me to get there."

- Valerie Rothlisberger-Jones Date of Operation 15th June 2015

"I could not have been happier with our pet's laparoscopic spaying procedure. She bounced back within the day. She had no post op problems. The scars were minimal. It is definitely the way to go. There was extra cost to have it done this way, but it was not too much more than the traditional op, and worth every penny in my opinion."

- Mrs Mather Date of Operation 14th May 2015

"I would certainly like to recommend this laparoscopic procedure for Spaying Bitches. The recovery only took two or three days and she was back to her usual self. No weight loss or feeding problems. Altogether well worth having this done."

- Gaby Hammond - Date of Operation 12th June 2015

I can fully recommend the keyhole spaying method for all female dogs.Its only a little bit more expensive than the ordinary type of spaying and it makes such a difference to the health and mental condition of the dog while recovering,also dogs are operated on when they are young and energetic so recover their wellbeing the next day and forget their surgery quickly to get on with their lives .

- Sue Harding - Date of Operation 4th February 2016

Daisy recovered very quickly with minimal distress and discomfort. Laparoscopic keyhole spays may cost more but the benefits to her and us are unquantifiable. Happy dog happy owners.

- Alison Garner - Date of Operation 2nd February 2016

My 2 yr old labradoodle recently had this proceedure which was less invasive and had a really quick recovery period. She was walking around as normal the next morning and desperate to go running by the afternoon...Very impressed and not really that much more expensive than the traditional spay. She required no neck collar and removal of stitches and only had 2 small puncture sites. She recovered quickly and has had no after affects...

- Tessa Nowicki - Date of Operation 10th March 2016

I hate having bitches spayed and am always stressed about it, but I would definitely go down the keyhole route again. The whole procedure from start to finish was much less stressful, for both myself and the dog, all the staff were marvellous and explained everything very well. I particularly liked the text messages to keep me updated that all was well post op. My dog made a very quick recovery and although she had a skin allergy, there was no problem with the wound as the op site was so small and healed really quickly. Although keyhole is more expensive than a standard spay, and I had to travel to Rushcliffe, as my own vets do not do keyhole, I would go for keyhole every time in future, brilliant! And a huge thank you to everyone at Rushcliffe - top marks.

- Carol Probert - Date of operation 17th March 2016